Black Turtleneck


Today's outfit come as much as a surprise to me as much to you, probably. It's the first one I'm shooting inside a tube station (Canary Wharf). It was pouring rain outside and decided to stay in and shoot some pictures.

The tube passing by in the background gives the pictures a cool contrast and vibes, which I really like.

I'm wearing my new black turtleneck top by StyleWe. It was already some time I wanted to buy a turtleneck! I used to hate turtlenecks, because back when I was in high school I had nightmares when I wore my first one. It was simply too hot for me inside the classroom! But with London weather this top is perfect! I decided to pair it up with my grey coat and a black cherry lipstick/nail polish.


Photos by theweirdcat






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3 comment

  1. such a damn great look. i love it

  2. LOVE this look! All Black is always a good idea .

    Love, Kerstin

  3. cool look and photos!

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