Giveaway: Win $100 Zaful Gift Card


Is your name Emily? 

(every day there's a new name and chance to win!)

If so, you can get a $100 gift card! Every two days we give 10 lucky girls the chances to get their $100 gift cards!

(Note: For weekends it will count as one day.) - If your name matches the name of the day you could win!

- Tell your friends and they could win too!


- Just leave a comment with your name in double quotes (i.e. "Emily"), same goes for referring a friend or voting for a name

- If it is not your day and you don't know anyone by that name, vote for tomorrow's name by writing the name you want

- Winners will be chosen at random from the comments

- Winners will be annouced once we change the name

- You will need some proof of ID showing the right name if you are chosen

Ends: July 31th

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3 comment

  1. mine is "Neha".. but anyways congrats to all the people with name Emily... :)
    Great post babe...xo, neha

  2. wow i love it

  3. Liliana silva
    my fav is